Grab Your Own NHL ’94 Chair Mat

NHL94 Chair Mat by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Last year I designed this chair mat based on NHL ’94, and it proved to be a hit with many folks. My friends at ES Robbins made the chair mat sample which became famous on Puck Daddy.

UPDATE: new vendor! Sign Art Etc. offers custom printed chair mats for $105 USD + shipping. You can order your chair mat here. Sorry this is for US residents only.

As for the art, I will supply it for you. You just need to email me ( the following information:

– SNES or Genesis

– Star Color

– Player number (1 or 2 digits) and position (G, D, L, R, C, for Goalie, Defenseman, Left Wing, Right Wing, and Center respectively).

– Options: you can add a “Puck Control” glow or “Gretzky Blood” splatter (you can’t add both at the same time because you can’t have puck possession when you’re bleeding all over the place).

Here is a chart:

Gretzky Blood Chair Mat


I will then reply within 48 hours with a large .png image like this based on your specifications:

NHL 94 Chair Mat

You can then upload it at the Office Trends website when you purchase your chair mat. This for the 36″ x 48″ chair mats (carpet and hardfloor models).

UPDATE: got sent this pic from someone who ordered a Genesis version, and as you can see they printed right to the edge. Looks even smoother if I may say so!

NHL 94 Chair Mat Dave Delisle


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  1. You’ve got some neat designs. As a Leafs fan, 93C (Gilmour) would be pretty cool. I’ll share this with some friends 🙂

  2. This is amazing. Glad that this has become a reality. I will likely get one soon, possibly for Christmas. Just trying to decide on name/number, but Yzerman’s 19C is a strong possibility (SNES of course).

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