Grab Your Own NHL ’94 Chair Mat

NHL94 Chair Mat by Dave's Geeky Ideas

UPDATE: The Office Trends website has closed, I am currently seeking other places that offer one-off custom printed chair mats. Stay tuned. Original post as follows:

Last year I designed this chair mat based on NHL ’94, and it proved to be a hit with many folks. My friends at ES Robbins made the chair mat sample which became famous on Puck Daddy.

Until now there was no way to allow others to get their own, but I’m happy to announce that ES Robbins has created a brand-new DIY website where you can upload your own image and buy a custom chair mat for $88 with free shipping (US Customers only).

As for the art, I will supply it for you. You just need to email me ( the following information:

– SNES or Genesis

– Star Color

– Player number (1 or 2 digits) and position (G, D, L, R, C, for Goalie, Defenseman, Left Wing, Right Wing, and Center respectively).

– Options: you can add a “Puck Control” glow or “Gretzky Blood” splatter (you can’t add both at the same time because you can’t have puck possession when you’re bleeding all over the place).

Here is a chart:

Gretzky Blood Chair Mat


I will then reply within 48 hours with a large .png image like this based on your specifications:

NHL 94 Chair Mat

You can then upload it at the Office Trends website when you purchase your chair mat. This for the 36″ x 48″ chair mats (carpet and hardfloor models).

UPDATE: got sent this pic from someone who ordered a Genesis version, and as you can see they printed right to the edge. Looks even smoother if I may say so!

NHL 94 Chair Mat Dave Delisle

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  1. You’ve got some neat designs. As a Leafs fan, 93C (Gilmour) would be pretty cool. I’ll share this with some friends 🙂

  2. This is amazing. Glad that this has become a reality. I will likely get one soon, possibly for Christmas. Just trying to decide on name/number, but Yzerman’s 19C is a strong possibility (SNES of course).

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