G.I. Joe And Cobra Hockey Jersey Designs

G. I Joe Cobra Logos

Click To Enlarge

Some really basic designs here for the Joes and their foes, I hope you dig them. I cannot confirm or deny any new Hasbro hockey jerseys are being made by my friends at 80’s Tees, this is because their rules are almost identical to Fight Club.

G. I Joe Cobra Logos

Click To Enlarge

I will say that I whipped these up specifically for this blog, so if you’re wondering why the colors are not typical for either jersey…I’ve said too much.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I’ve been juggling a lot of projects these past few months, hopefully things can return to abnormal soon.


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  1. Any word when/if these (or something very much like them) will become available? Have been watching 80’s tees but have not seen them offered.

  2. I don’t care that knowing is half the battle. The wait is killing me.

  3. Any updates? I keep checking and have not seen anything.

  4. Are you any closer to making these available? I’m dying for a Cobra Jersey.

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