Titanfall Hockey Jersey Design

Titanfall hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Hey, Dave…

    I’ve been watching your site for a while and really like what you have been doing. Haven’t bought from you because I have been out of work, but that has changed recently and as soon as I get of the ol’ debt-hole, I’ll be buying. (A Red Dwarf re-issue? Hint, hint)

    I do have a quick suggestion/offer for you. I notice that there was some interest in a Futurama jersey, but you seemed a bit skittish due to copyright violations. I had done up a Planet Express logo using the actual ship outline and the Alien #2 font for the words for a one-off t-shirt design but I never had it printed. Would you be interested in using the .PSD file? I think it’s at 300dpi. Or you could just use the idea and work up your own as both Alien fonts are available online as TTFs. I think this scenario would get you even further away from any copyright issues as you would be using your own artwork. and it wouldn’t even say Planet Express unless you translated it. JPG of rough art attached -still has spacing and kerning issues, and the line across the top is “Planet Express” in Alien font #1.

    LOL If you use this, be prepared for some really weird jersey number requests. Can I have exclusivity on pi? Or the taxicab number (4 digits)?

    Anyhow, keep reppin’ the geeks… you do amazing work! Tom

    • Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be keeping the design as-is.

      There are some roadblocks with offering a Futurama design that I cannot divulge, that said I don’t think there’s any urgency to offer one nowadays. It would be nice though.

  2. Beautiful design, would love one of these…

  3. Such a great design. Sorry it couldn’t go into production.

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