House Greyjoy 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Greyjoy GoT hockey jersey design by davesgeekyideasThe first Greyjoy design was a hit with fans of the Ironborn, but it wasn’t popular enough to warrant being offered. As part of my recent initiative to spur popularity for other GoT Houses that aren’t House Stark, I’ve given the Krakens a makeover.

I went with black, which is a popular choice for folks (on the other end, people seem to loathe white jerseys). I also chose Vegas Gold to help give House Greyjoy a differing look from House Baratheon. The end result is something I hope is as striking as the Direwolves.

Here is a mockup:

Greyjoy GoT hockey jersey design by davesgeekyideas

House Greyjoy is still a longshot to be offered. They are not as popular as Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon. Hopefully one day it’s offered.


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  1. Thats is an amazing jersey. I would be down for one should this ever come to light.

  2. Hmmm. I really like the changes you made to the Lannister design. But this Greyjoy just doesn’t capture my attention as well as the original, with its bright colors, trident and spinning Kraken logo. I do like the addition of the anchor/league patch, however. Looking forward to the rest of these designs.

  3. That is a very nice design. But we really need is a Night’s Watch jersey.

  4. I would totally go for one of these jerseys.

  5. I’m disappointed that the original Greyjoy jersey didn’t catch on. Personally it’s one of my favorite designs that you guys have done. I’ve been waiting for a non-Stark GoT jersey to get released so that my Rogue Squadron jersey would have some company.

  6. I’m glad the original Greyjoy jersey didn’t catch on… I think this one is WAY better, hoping this one sees production very soon, House Greyjoy & the Ironborn are my favorite.

  7. I love this design! I’d gladly give you my money for one of these.

  8. PLEASSSSSEEEE MAKE THE GREYJOY JERSEY!! Please take my money for it!

  9. If you’d be willing, I’d like to know how much it would be to have one made?

  10. i need this in my life!! nay, i need two of these in my life!!!

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