House Lannister 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Lannister 3.0 hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. I read everything, Dave! Your site has honestly reinvigorated my interest in hockey jersey design, so thank you for what you do. I can’t wait to get my Link 4.0 when they finally ship!

  2. I was just kidding around! However I get a ton of email from my other blog asking where they can buy X.

  3. Love the clean look on this jersey. Good call going with ‘Casterly Rock’ over ‘Lions’. Can’t wait to see the other designs!

  4. I actually bought Lannister 1.0 but I’ll likely be buying this one too; it’s just so nice-looking. I, too, like the ‘Casterly Rock’ over ‘Lions.’ I notice you say Greyjoy 2.0…was 1.0 for sale at some point and I missed it?

    Also getting my vote in there for a Martell jersey, which should sell well after the upcoming season of the show 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Dave!

    P.S. Based on your avatar, I trust that you must have seen the Lego Movie?

    • The Greyjoy 1.0 hasn’t been offered yet. It is currently posted here: I think a revamp will help attract more interest.

      Unfortunately Martell is a stretch goal. My focus right now are the main houses, then I’ll go from there. GoT jerseys are at a crossroads: either get more Houses offered for sale, or just reduce it to House Stark only.

      No haven’t seen TLM yet. Sometime this week I will!

      • Excellent, filled in my name for the GJ jersey. Understood re: Martell- it’s a main house in the card game that I play competitively, which is why I want it 🙂 But it may still be too niche for the masses.

        You will love TLM!

  5. I love it! It reminds me of an English Premier League soccer jersey, but for a real sport!

  6. See, I love the design! And please, PLEASE get a Night Watch Jersey up there. I got Snow for House Stark and I want to get one for the Watch, just so I can say he was traded.

  7. When are those TMNT jerseys gonna be available? I can’t frakkin’ wait.

  8. I love this design, but what I really want to know is: are the new Targaryan jerseys still coming?

  9. I want one!

  10. Love the design with the exception of the crown. I would like to see the Westeros League patch that was on Direwolves 6.0 be standard across the GoT jerseys to give them a sense of continuity.

  11. Wow! That’s a beauty. Please take my money!

  12. Please don’t abandon the other Houses. I love the Starks but a Night’s Watch jersey is what I really want

  13. I actually very much dislike the Lannister family on the show so i was totally prepared to skip over this one and hold out for the direwolves (house stark is my fav.) but…this design is very interesting and made me reconsider, I very much like the full lion logo and casterly rock is a much better name. I love the black trim on this it seems…”tougher” than the previous design.

  14. I would buy this in a hearbeat please SELL!

  15. Hi, Could you inform me when and where I Could purchase this jersey? It looks really great. Thanks!

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