Link 4.0 And Shadow Link Hockey Jersey Designs

Link 4.0 Hockey Sweater

Link 4.0 Hockey Jersey Zelda

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Time for a new Link design! Some folks weren’t entirely enamored with the Link 3.0 design, mainly my decision to use blue forearms and a lighter green. I was trying to emulate this character design, but alas it didn’t work. The 3.0 was still a hit, but not the homerun I was swinging for.

So I decided to bring back the green and brown from the 2.0 design, but this time I added Vegas Gold to echo the trim in this character design. I then changed the font to match the recent Direwolves jersey, which turned out perfect.

Shadow Link

Shadow Link

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Shadow Link has been a popular request, so I mirrored the 4.0 design (of course). It looks evil alright!

I was also playing with the idea of a more “sinister” shield, but decided to remain true to the mirrored nature of the Shadow Link (or Dark Link as he is also known):

Shadow Link Shield

Lastly I decided to retain the shield from the Link 3.0 design, because the final embroidery looked amazing:

Zelda Shield

As far as availability one or the other will be offered soon. Keep an eye out for updates on my Now Available page or on my Facebook or Twitter feed.


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  1. It’s “Hylian” not “Hyrulian”

  2. jason coddington

    What sizes will this come in?

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