Evangelion Hockey Jersey Design

Evangelion hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

I made an Evangelion design in 2012 and posted it on Facebook, but I looked at it today and it  hurt the eyes so I decided to make a new one. This time I decided to use my “KISS” approach (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and used the current Calgary Flames jerseys as an influence, and I think it turned out okay.

Unfortunately there isn’t much love for anime jerseys so this one probably won’t be offered (unless I’m abducted by a crazed EVA fan and forced to do so, a la Misery).

Hope you had a great holiday season! I look forward to bringing you more geeky designs this year.

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  1. Why is there no love for this? This is BADASS!

  2. …yet I found this site doing a search to see if anyone had made a Mari Makinami jersey… seems not, but this is pretty awesome anyhow! I vote more anime jerseys!! *wanders off wondering what a Sailor Moon jersey would look like*

  3. Need this in my life, sometime this year, do you take custom orders?? you should…

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