Bobby Orr’s Famous Goal – NHL ’94 Style Wallpaper

bobby orr NHL 94 goal 2013 davesgeekyhockey

My first wallpaper for this blog is an NHL ’94 version of Bobby Orr’s famous “leaping” goal from 1970. I drew sprites for Bobby Orr, the goalie, and the player who tripped Orr. I then edited the goal crease and removed some helmets to reflect the 70’s era.

After the jump: various wallpapers! Click to enlarge each image.

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1600 x 900 Click To Enlarge

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1600 x 900 With Game UI

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1600 x 900 With Star

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1200 x 900 With Game UI

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1200 x 900 With Star

Bobby Orr Wallpaper

1200 x 900 Plain


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  1. Don’t get me wrong, this is really cool but there is one minor detail missing – the photographer in the corner taking the picture that made this goal even more famous.

  2. As a Sabres fan, another one that comes to mind in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals ‘foot in the crease’.

    I’d suggest the Malarchuk neck injury but that may be taken the wrong way, and considered in bad taste by some. To clarify, I was and am a Malarchuk fan.

    Others that come to mind right away:
    Bill Barilko goal.
    LaFontaine goal 1987 marathon – Washington and NYI

  3. This is great. Love the work done on it. Another goal I would suggest would be Petr Klima’s goal in 3 OT to give Edmonton the victory over Boston during the Finals in 1990.

  4. Another famous flying goal – Mike Bossy against Vancouver in the ’82 finals, with Boss on his backhand and (IIRC) Colin Campbell in the net behind Richard Brodeur trying to intercept the puck.

  5. Do you plan on printing these for sale? Or are you allowing users to freely print them with your permission? I’d love one of these for my man cave.

  6. This is awesome! I’m an NHL94 nut and this is pure genius! Somehow capturing the Ovechkin-sliding-on-his-back goal would be nice, too.

  7. I guess with the low resolution and the mostly empty ice, it may not really work, but when I think of iconic goals, I think of Forsberg’s shootout goal in the 1994 Olympics:

  8. Please please PLEASE do a Paul Henderson!

  9. Bravo sir! Any of the 87 Canada Cup, 72 or the Golden Goal would be amazing!

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