Terminator Hockey Jersey Design

Terminator hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

I’m very happy to finally post a Terminator design, T2 is one of my all-time favorite films. I went for the Harley Davidson look because, well, it looks good on a jersey! Orange is probably the most striking color for sports design.

Also I spent way too much time on this, so I’m glad to post this design and move on. Here are some unused logos:

Terminator Skynet Logos

Originally I was going for a Calgary Flames/Tennessee Titans fiery look, but I wanted to incorporate the team name somehow. Then I envisioned Arnold on a motorcycle being the top part of a Harley Davidson logo. The gun-holding Arnie was too static, then I drew a more dynamic motorcycle Arnie and it still didn’t work. Back to the flaming skull that went in the final Harley logo.

No plans to make this one available! I knew going in that few would want to wear a Motorcycle-themed design.I can’t have geeks intimidating biker gangs even more than usual.


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  1. Umm. I know it doesn’t help for the grand scheme of things…but I would get this (my love of orange aside), and I know a lot of people who would as well. Plus, it also works for geeks who ride (which happens more often than you’d think) 🙂

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