Stay Puft Hockey Jersey Design

stay puft jersey design by Dave Delisle

Here’s a Stay Puft hockey jersey based somewhat on his naval uniform. His portrait logo is based on the retro Cal Bears logo.

Here is a bonus baseball jersey design:

stay puft jersey design by Dave Delisle

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  1. I want the Stay Puft. Wordmark very inspired by the Wild’s alternate I reckon, and I love that jersey of theirs.

  2. PLEAE make these available! I would totally rock this at the Halloween game!!

  3. I love these great concepts would love to have the ecto1 jersey. Just one suggestion though. If the ecto1 jersey gets offered how about offering it with a yellow name plate on the back instead of just a name.

  4. So….you still selling/making these?

  5. Got mine when the limited return happened. Was kicking myself for missing it when I had the chance. It is of higher quality than I even expected. glad I got a second chance. I am inclined to buy some others now too.

  6. Forgot to mention which one! Stay Puft Marshmellows!

  7. was just looking for images of cam talbot’s helmet when i stumbled upon this blog. I cannot express the roller coaster of emotions of first thinking i had found an ecto-1 jersey, and then realizing i cannot have it.

  8. Waiting for v4 re-release. Ecto 1 is a must have and I do love the gb2 one. That ECTO- 1 though….

  9. Hey my friend in australia wants to know if she can get the Stay Puft shirt? Are you still making it?

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