Team Fortress 2 Hockey Jersey Designs: Teams Red And Blu

Team Fortress RED davesgeekyhockey

Back to some regular programming! I’ve already done a couple of Team Fortress 2 designs based on the Heavy and Team Red, but I thought I’d redo Red and add team Blu. I have to say, I really dig the Blu design, it echos the San Diego Chargers somewhat.

If this ever went to production the shoulder patches wouldn’t work, because each team has several versions (to denote character type) and Geeky Jerseys can’t mix and match like that. The shoulder patches could be replaced with the bullseye/valve logo, seen on the back tail of the jersey.

No plans to offer these, sadly. I’d love to do Valve stuff one day (in an official capacity). If you work at Valve, please contact me, I promise I won’t ask about any games that end in ‘3’.

Team Fortress BLU davesgeekyhockey


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  1. Do you sell your designs or make jerseys my team is looking for jerseys and I came across yours thought I’d ask

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