Wu-Tang Hockey Jersey Design



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  1. Killa bees on the swarm! I would totally buy one of these if it was made available. I think I’ve bought all your other designs, what’s one more 😉

    I wish there was a way to get the “W” bigger though. That said, it does look perfect where it is.

  2. My sister and brother-in-law are HUGE Wu-Tang fans! It’s their first anniversary in a few months, and I could not think of a better present! Looks great!

  3. I am all about this one!

  4. Oh man. If this this Jersey could happen it’d be great.

  5. I love this Wu tang design I am a die hard Wu Tang fan and so is my friend who was just diagnosed with lupus, he would be so stoked if I got him one of these! Please tell me how I can possibly purchase this jersey

  6. I would buy several!! Awesome design just like the rest..

  7. I would purchase one of these indefinitely!

  8. Please make this just discovered you’re website due to this one and have signed up for 4 jerseys to know when they come out.

  9. I would buy this in a heartbeat

  10. I would purchase one or more, might even one day ask for the design for my beer league team’s jerseys.

  11. Just found this site yesterday, and coincidentally was brought back here looking for some wu clothes. I won’t lie, i thought that whilst a lot of the ideas were really cool and funny honestly couldn’t find one that i’d think was worth spending a hockey jersey amount of money on. If you had this or the older wu one, that would have been a completley different story and would have ordered one instantly. Plus with the hardcore fanbase and huge niche fanbases in europe etc that wu tang have i think it could really be exception to the norm in regards to your observations on people wearing less and less music related clothes these days… and many more reasons thought up through my desperation for this to exist that will hopefully convince you.

    I promise will give you immortality or the moon, which could be called, ‘the dave’ if you play your cards right, for this to be real.

  12. I will pay for one of these as well please #WU-TANGFOREVER

  13. Sooo dope I need one🙏

  14. I would absolutely buy this as well; I found it while looking for Wu-Tang/Voltron concert posters, but this is even better. I’d “like”, but I don’t do Facebook, and am not on Twitter. As a huge Wu-Tang fan trapped in frozen wastes of northern Minnesota, please, make this happen!!! I could wear this thing 9 months a year, easily.

  15. Micheal aka Ruggii Rugsz

    It’s all love. The people who don’t matter may think it’s a stretch but the hardcore fans of the clan will and most def appreciate the craftsmanship put into this innovative idea of yours. It’d be much appreciated by true culture enthusiast! 🙂

  16. Michael aka the abbot

    “Wu tangs invincible word up better understand the principle..”

  17. you must do this. that is the statement ive been lookin for

  18. This is some good looking shirt!! Would definitely buy!!

  19. Mark Morales-Smith

    I would buy this

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