Pacific Rim Hockey Jersey Design: Striker Eureka

Pacific Rim Hockey Jerseys 2013 Dave Delisle

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A lot of people have requested more Pacific Rim designs, especially for Striker Eureka, the Jaeger from Australia.  I liked their mascot logo as-is so I didn’t include a team name, which would probably be the Strikers.

I used Vegas Gold for this one, a color which I absolutely used to detest, especially when the Pittsburgh Penguins adopted it. Now I think it looks pretty sharp, and this Aussie robot is better for it.

Here is a bonus update of the Gipsy Danger design I posted in February:

Pacific Rim Hockey Jerseys 2013 Dave Delisle

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Look’s like Dave is up to awesomeness again. I’m hoping the Gipsy Danger makes it into production. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. Ditto on buying the Gipsy jersey. I love your work, Dave. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a jersey i wouldn’t at least consider buying!

    But if I could make one suggestion?

    **************SPOILER ALERT**********************

    We need a Cherno Alpha jersey!! Was I the only one who got teary eyed when it went down? That thing was bad-ass!

  3. Awesome designs! I would love a Striker Jersey! But honestly, I would buy any Pacific RIm jersey that made it into production (fingers crossed).

  4. Sadly, my favourite jerseys are the Striker Eureka one and the original Greyjoy one that’s no longer even votable.

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