Gatchaman Hockey Jersey Design

gatchaman hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

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  1. Pretty awesome Dave. Honestly I dig the belt buckle look over the non-buckle design. Adding the wing design like Batman Beyond I think would really bring add some flair to the sweater. I know you like subtle but sometimes a little bit of in you face goes a long way. I would love for this jersey to go into production. Hoping it does. Thanks for taking the time to come up with this. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey Dave? What if I told you I had a very friendly “in” with the company who currently holds license rights to the current anime Gatchaman? Introductions can be made, inqueries dangled, etc.

  3. Here I am all excited then I get to the last line. In wrestling, we would call this a “swerve”. 😦

  4. I’d totally want one if they ever got made

  5. I NEEEED THIS, wish it was possible for this to be sold as actual shirts!!
    nice job on implementing the costume design onto hockey jerseys 🙂

  6. Benjamin Mendoza

    Did Gatchaman go by another name – G force? Or am I just confusing the two?

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