Gatchaman Hockey Jersey Design

Gatchaman Hockey Jersey 2013 Dave Delisle

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Update (Februay 8/2014): Above is a tweaked design of the original. Original post as follows:

Gatchaman Hockey Battle Of The Planets

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Thought I’d kill a few requesters — I mean, requests, ha, and make this Gatchaman/Battle Of The Planets design. The one on the left is a costume-accurate design, the one on the right is a more conventional hockey jersey design.

Made two versions for this because I tend to shy away from belt buckles as you might have noticed by now. I’m not a fan of adding logos or words to the waist stripe, I want the focal point to be the main logo on the chest.  With a hockey jersey any imagery on the front waist stripe would be sitting on your groin! Hey my eyes are up here thank you very much.

Might be hard to notice but I added the helmet design to the front neck. This jersey would be pretty cool with a hockey helmet painted in the style of the eagle helmet, with a blue-tinted visor as well (a beak-shaped visor I would advise against).

I could probably take the design a step further and add underarm feathers like I did with Batman Beyond but I like the clean look of these jerseys for now.

No plans to make this available at this time.


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  1. Pretty awesome Dave. Honestly I dig the belt buckle look over the non-buckle design. Adding the wing design like Batman Beyond I think would really bring add some flair to the sweater. I know you like subtle but sometimes a little bit of in you face goes a long way. I would love for this jersey to go into production. Hoping it does. Thanks for taking the time to come up with this. Greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey Dave? What if I told you I had a very friendly “in” with the company who currently holds license rights to the current anime Gatchaman? Introductions can be made, inqueries dangled, etc.

  3. Here I am all excited then I get to the last line. In wrestling, we would call this a “swerve”. 😦

  4. I’d totally want one if they ever got made

  5. I NEEEED THIS, wish it was possible for this to be sold as actual shirts!!
    nice job on implementing the costume design onto hockey jerseys 🙂

  6. Benjamin Mendoza

    Did Gatchaman go by another name – G force? Or am I just confusing the two?

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