League Of Shadows Hockey Jersey Design

League of Shadows logo by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Combine the second and 3rd, like the Black Ice style, but with the blue highlights. I would be all over that.

  2. A reblogué ceci sur fredtroy and commented:
    nice & true

  3. I agree…combine the second and third. I like the Black Ice style, but also with the blue highlights. Awesome!

  4. I like the original with the white, clear numbers, but like the blue trim on the logo words. Not so much on the sleeves, at least like this. But would definitely enjoy one along these lines.

  5. The blue highlights are AWESOME. All of them are great.

  6. Totally agree on combining “Nnja” and “Blue-Highlights” versions of the design. Would be awesome.

  7. I would like to buy this shirt… by the way , my prefered is the one with blue highlights!

  8. I am interested in these for sure

  9. Christopher Sumerlin

    How do I buy this? Need 5 asap

  10. How would I go about signing up for one of these. Amazing

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