House Greyjoy Hockey Jersey Design

Game Of Thrones Design by davesgeekyhockey

A design for house Greyjoy that is a combination of a scuba suit and an actual octopus (there are 8 yellow legs extending from the shoulders).


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  1. The Trident is actually part of the sigil of House Manderly, which is loyal to Winterfell and the Starks. Not sure Greyjoys or Manderlys would want it used that way! LOL

    Otherwise if I was a Greyjoy fan I would love this! The attention to detail is beautiful, and I love all the thematic touches throughout the design. 🙂

    • Never heard of this house!! Or it’s not ringing a bell. Gonna read that link…

      I hope you can forgive the Trident for being a decorative touch and not a focal point. Got a whole SeaQuest theme goin’ on here.

      • Oh it wasn’t a criticism, I was just being a nerd! 🙂 I love your work, and all the thought that goes into the little touches. It’s certainly not something that requires forgiving, I bow down to your work! 🙂

        I don’t think the Manderlys are in the show, but they’re quite prominent in later books. I hope they are in later seasons of the show, because they’re kinda badass but in a very sneaky way!

      • Now I remember them – the books are a distant hazy memory to me.

        No worries at all! But now I totally have to make a SeaQuest DSV design.

      • On a completely unrelated note: have you considered doing Pacific Rim or BSG designs? I’d love an Anchorage Jaegers design, or there are plenty of options for BSG!


        Tried BSG in early 2012 but we got a Cease and Desist. I haven’t migrated the design over here yet, but it was based on a Viper.

      • How did I miss that! 🙂 That’s epic. I suspect considering the huge international following it has now, it might have enough popularity to make them available? One for each Jaegar would be cool. I love the patriotic design, though a robotic design would be pretty cool too!

        Shame about the cease and desist, especially as Vipers would have been my choice! I saw your post on Pyramid though – that might be a cool thing to do!

  2. I’ll buy one for sure. And another Night’s Watch which will hopefully be “Crows”.

  3. I’m usually a fan of your work but I’m not feeling this one, I think it’s good you tried an interesting new design but I don’t like it very much.

  4. I totally dig it…and while the trident is used in other houses, it still works with the seafaring and marauding Greyjoys

  5. And I would totally buy it

  6. I don’t think this jersey will see the light of day.

    are you F”n kidding me ? TAKE MY MONEY!!!
    I want this Jersey! GET KRAKEN!

  7. The twirling arms are the first thing that caught my eye here; that’s what makes this such a winner.

  8. My boyfriend and I have a strict “no doubles” policy, but Greyjoy is the one exception. We’ll pay the iron price if we have to. Count us for two.

  9. I hope you get demand for it. House Greyjoy are all a–holes, but they’re also (mostly) badass. We Do Not Sow indeed!

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