Voltron, Game Of Thrones, and Doctor Who Football Kit Designs

Voltron Football Kit

Just thought I’d change things up a bit and try my hand at football kit design (the Brits call jerseys “kits”). First up is Voltron, and I can finally do a design that incorporates the yellow and blue lions thanks to the shorts. No sponsor logos yet, but I’ll probably add a Locksmith company with a big key logo.

House Stark Football Kit

Next up are the Stark Direwolves FC (the Brits abbreviate Football Club as FC), and this design finally afforded me the opportunity to play with pinstripes. Pretty vanilla design right now but I’m going to try to play with ice-blue colors to replace the grays down the road. For some reason Los Angeles Kings colors do not translate well to the beautiful game.

 Tardis Football Kit

This Tardis design features a detailed police booth (the Brits liked using these back in the day) in the blue main body, a trait afforded by conventional football kit design. I noticed a lot of teams have really detailed patterns or stripes in their uniforms, and I rather dig that. The blue is flanked by black all around, creating a silhouette of the Tardis. I don’t think any sponsors are needed here.

Dalek Football Kit

Just for fun I made this Dalek design (the Brits pronounce it dah-luck, I still pronounce it day-lick). This is also my first Dalek-centric design. Like the Tardis the silhouette of the alien is present in the kit. It’s somewhat of a comical design because the grey stripes on the sleeves to make it look the Dalek has arms and is reaching out towards you.  Will probably add a bug exterminator sponsor one day. This design would look great if it had a bit of a silk/metallic finish.

At the moment I don’t know if Football Kits will ever be in the cards at Geeky Jerseys. Maybe one day but it won’t happen overnight, this is all new ground.

BTW I was just trying to practice saying the Brits instead of those Brits. I’m making progress but still I blame them for so many things, like exporting Torchwood to the USA. *shakes fist*

UPDATE: Here is a Browncoats design!

Browncoats Football Kit


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  1. Hey Brits you know I’m teasing!!

  2. Bruce Russell

    Beautiful duds for The Beautiful Game!

  3. Dave, make this happen. For those of us in warmer climates, this would give us something to wear when it’s 100 degrees outside and the hockey jerseys aren’t quite an option.

  4. Voltron & Doctor Who…. Take my money, please!!!

  5. Like Chad said…. Doctor Who Football kit! And take my money too please!!!

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