LEGO Hockey Jersey Designs

Lego Hockey Jerseys

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I posted these on Facebook and Twitter earlier today, and they got such a positive reception I thought I’d post them here (sorry If I’m spamming you with this).

One thing that is new: for the ‘Spaceman’ jersey I added shoulder patches that pay tribute to NASA’s famous Space Shuttle program logo. I was very happy to incorporate my favorite LEGO set of all time in the place of the NASA Shuttle.

No plans to release the red LEGO hockey jersey, but the blue Spaceman design is definitely a candidate for an offer down the road – minus the LEGO logo on the back (I can put something else there easily enough). Please like, tweet, and comment to help sway me into making it available.



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  1. I would so love to see the Space jersey. The earliest LEGO sets I had when I was younger, them and the medieval knights. I actually almost bought a shirt off with that logo, just because.

  2. Yep, the spaceman jersey would be totally amazing. Anything remotely lego related will sell like lightning.

  3. Have you considered replacing “LEGO” with the “AFOL” parody? There are plenty of images of that to choose from in a Google search and I might be interested in both of these jerseys.

  4. I don’t know how I missed this updated design. I absolutely love the idea and would be first in line to get a LEGO Space jersey. Until I see it on Geeky Jerseys site, I will continue to be an advocate for it!

  5. I so NEED to have these. I love them all. Please let me get this.

  6. The space one is AMAZING! The only thing I would request is a different number on the back. For me, it would be 78, the year Lego first started space sets (and the space logo).

  7. Ok. Thanks for the clarification! In that case, I would love to see them made! Dunno if I could afford one, but I might have to divert some money from my Lego fund!

  8. Spaceship jersey is a must own!

  9. On the SPACESHIP one, Maybe replace the white-red-white stripes with the classic yellow-black-yellow bumblebee stripes that appeared on some of the spaceships? Or use the same stripes the red jersey has, white will work to tie the sleeves to the rest of the design. Fricken awesome, would buy in a clicky-heartbeat.

    • Sorry, that simply won’t work. Need a color scheme that is an extension of the main logo, not something that is a complete contrast. A blue version will be first, will see if other colors happen later.

  10. Any updated plans to make the red jersey?

  11. Spaceship. Please take my money.

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