Tardis 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Tardis 4.0 hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

I went back to basics for this design. I just wanted blue, black, and white to carry the design for a clean look. I went with black numbers with white outlines to make it look like the wearer has windows on all sides.

Lastly I opted for a simple stripe design, which has black on the cuffs and the waist hem. This is a lot like what the Quebec Nordiques did for their jerseys. This was done to make the wearer look like a Tardis from any angle.

I hope the back-to-basics design isn’t off-putting for anyone. I just wanted a clean retro look.

UPDATE: The listing art. You can see what I mean by having “windows on all sides”:

The Tardis 4.0 Hockey Jersey Doctor Who 2013 Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Definitely Next on my jersey shopping list!!

  2. Jessica Miller

    So the window for ordering one will be in July? First time on your site and just making sure, because I definitely want at least one!

  3. so no longer available then? will there be another opportunity? this is fantastic but I just saw it…

  4. I love the 4.0 design. I’m sure the 5.0 will be great too, but bring 4.0 back!!! 🙂

  5. Are there any updates when these will be finished and shipped out?

  6. Ok I was getting worried that something had happened. Early October then? I will be checking my mailbox every day, I can’t wait!

    • You can follow your order status at the Geeky Jerseys website, or you can follow them or me on Facebook where we regularly post updates. The Tardis jerseys should be real soon.

  7. Will we get emails informing us when the jerseys are done?

  8. I’d love to order these for Christmas presents!

  9. What’s up with the Doctor hockey/Baseball jerseys??? With the North American season premier having just come and gone, I was reeeeeealy looking forward to ordering my second jersey (my first was a Hitchhiker’s). Any info possible???
    Smitty out.

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