Company Of Heroes 2 Hockey Jersey Designs

Company Of Heroes 2 hockey jerseys 2013 Dave Delisle Relic

Company of Heroes 2 is an upcoming release that I am highly anticipating, having enjoyed the first game these past several years (you should grab it, even if it’s just to play the campaign over a weekend). I thought I’d put together a couple of designs for the game.

The green one is the U.S./Allied design that is more symbolic of the first game, as COH2 will mostly focus on the eastern front battle between the Soviets and Germans. The red Soviet design is a homage to the actual jerseys worn by the Soviet teams in international play, I just added the gold sickle/hammer and star of the Soviet flag. And I’m not going to open a can of worms and attempt a German WWII design!

Just want to say I had the pleasure of working at Relic Entertainment a few years back, and it’s a world-class place to work. I’m very happy they got picked up by SEGA, and look forward to playing all their releases for years to come.


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  1. Love the US engineer one. One comment though: most ww2 allied stars hed the circle in 5 sections, not 2, from what I can see.
    Any reason you went for 2?
    That aside: when can I order one?

  2. Just received my Anchorman jersey the other. It’s the ballz!!! Great work.

    John Kipfer

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