Skyrim Hockey Jersey Design: The Dragonborn

Skyrim Hockey Jersey

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Both Skyrim and Fallout are often requested by fans of the acclaimed Bethesda games, so I am happy to deliver a Skyrim jersey design today (Fallout will be done sometime down the road). As part of my ongoing attempts to corrupt every NHL team, the Chicago Blackhawks are given a geeky makeover today.

However the Blackhawks weren’t my first choice, I wanted to use the Ottawa Senators because of the forward-facing Centurion in their logo, but I used that for a Marvin the Martian design recently. That said the ‘Hawks double tomahawk shoulder patch figured in nicely here.

The Skyrim logo is too skinny/tall to be a primary logo, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t run with that. It was my original intention when I started on this design several months ago.

Also this would look a lot better if metallic embroidery was used. Would really make the helmet and axes pop.

Usually I don’t commit to RPG’s because of the time they require, but I made an exception for Fallout 3 a few years back. I was floored by the game, but it kept crashing despite it being the very first thing I installed on a new computer. As a result I quit the game and then skipped Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim, fearing the same experience. Admittedly I really feel like I am missing out on Skyrim. Maybe one day.

No plans to make this available.


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  1. Obligatory requesting this become available. I think something more brown or white for the nature of the region or leather armor would have been more styled than the black. For the logo, another interseting choice would have been just having the traditional Skyrim helm or a dragon’s head, custom-designed. But for the Hawks’ theme this does still look nice.

    • I would definitely like to see this be made. I would be all over it. Very, very cool. I love the game and would most likely wear this as a uniform while playing the game. Please consider this one

  2. Please Please Please make this i will buy it so fast haha

  3. You skipped New Vegas and Skyrim because a Bethesda game had bugs? Next you’ll tell me you skip going outside because every so often it rains.

    But seriously, New Vegas and Skyrim were wonderful. I highly recommend them. Also, fantastic jersey.

  4. Brandon Kleiber

    Oh my god I want one! Please make these for us nerdy hawks fans who want to celebrate our victory.

  5. I want it. Badly.

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