Stargate SG-1 And Atlantis Hockey Jersey Designs

Stargate SG-1 Uniform Atlantis Uniform Hockey Jersey Designs 2013 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

UPDATE: We can’t offer either of these designs for sale because they fall under ownership of NBC Universal. Original post as follows:

Stargate has been a frequently requested item, so I am thrilled to finally deliver this for you guys. I am a fan of the shows (I’ve yet to watch Universe), just haven’t gotten around to these before because I wasn’t really enamored with the logos or uniforms employed in the shows — please don’t hate!

That said I am glad Atlantis changed their uniforms in later seasons, because they started out with this bra/vest thing. Also the newer uniforms had stripes on the forearms, which are perfect for hockey jerseys.

For SG-1 I went with their ‘away mission’ green fatigues and black flak jacket look. Though it could easily be an all-black look, but that is not as appealing.

Now I’ll take this moment to say how much it sucks that there are no Stargate or Star Trek shows on TV.  I take back all the times I said there was too much of both.


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  1. These NEED to happen.

  2. Damn. I’m so disappointed these aren’t a real thing! (>.<) I want them both!

  3. How do you get one of these i play hockey and i would love to have the McKay one. There both awesome

  4. I have GOT to get an SG-1 jersey. What sold me? You included the Air Force patch! As an active duty Airman, I must have something that represents my service and my geekiness!

  5. I really hope you add at least the SG-1 jersey eventually. Insta-buy!

  6. I hope these will be avaiable –combining my 2 true loves — hockey and Atlantis!!!! Already warned family and friends they need to buy as soon as they are avaiable

  7. No question, if these go live I’m getting both for myself and maybe even a second O’Neill for my dad!

  8. Please tell me that they are in the work of being made because I’ve been desperately looking for something to symbolize my love for Stargate and this is the first time I’ve found decent quality work so please be in stock soon 🙂

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