Star Trek Hockey Jersey Designs

Star Trek Hockey Jerseys

I had a whole bunch of Star Trek hockey jersey designs on my other blog from a few years back, but a I did a housecleaning recently and those designs were deleted. So I cobbled together this new batch of designs for your viewing pleasure.

I’m sure even the most casual geek can identify all the uniforms and which era they belong to, and that’s because the Starfleet uniform is so iconic.

Perhaps too iconic, because I tried to enlarge the badges and make them into standard hockey jersey logos, but it looked really weird (take my word for it). The beauty of the badge design is in its simplicity; it telegraphs really well — even in its small default size.

If I had to choose one it would be the TNG movie design (top left), because it looks pretty sharp, almost military-like in my opinion. Also it would be very ideal for a hockey team, because the color accents (red, blue, and gold) could vary throughout the entire roster and it wouldn’t look distracting, due to the black and grey being the primary colors.

Thanks to Geeky Jerseys’s sublimation process, the detailed pattern of the J.J. Abrams era uniforms (top right) can be replicated (pun intended). However at this time there are no plans to offer any of these designs (sorry).

UPDATE: A bonus Wesley Crusher design and a jersey for a die-hard Janeway fan. I didn’t make a Voyager one initially because I thought the show’s uniform was too plain, apologies to Voyager fans! Enterprise fans maybe one day down the road.

Wesley Crusher Shirt


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  1. Oh man.. Kill me now, instead of teasing me.. I was ready to THROW my money at you..

  2. Damn, either movie design would get my money so fast. Licensing fees?

    • You betcha. One route I am thinking is offering them without the comm badges. There are plenty of embroidered badge options people can buy online (or they could use a real comm badge) that they can affix themselves. We’ll see.

  3. Love ’em all- would buy a blue Science JJ Abrams jersey in a heartbeat.

  4. Wil Wheaton just posted the Crusher design to his Facebook and Tumblr. Thought you’d love to know. 🙂

  5. Love these


  7. Comon Dave, bring us a Trek based jersey for June 😀

  8. Picard jersey… Make it so!

  9. If you do the Picard jersey (top left) put me down for an order. My number is 7. Email me if you decide to make some.

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