NASA Hockey Jersey Design

NASA Hockey Jersey Design

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Back to hockey jersey designs (put down the pitch forks and douse the torches), and today for your viewing pleasure a real space agency is featured: NASA. With all the patches and stripes, an astronaut suit translate to a hockey jersey really well.

In addition to the NASA logos you’d also have a country flag, a front nametag, and a few mission logos. Makes for a clean design, if I may say so.

And for those asking I plan on doing some military jerseys (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.), which isn’t exactly a new idea, but I hope to bring my own spin to the concept.


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  1. When this goes to production, I’ll be sporting GLENN and #7!

  2. Cmd. Hadfield is doing so much for the space program – he’s really making an effort to reach out to the public. Makes me proud to be a Canadian!

  3. This jersey would be absolutely amazing. A definite buy

  4. Can we have one with the Canadian Space Agency logo on it? Please?

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