Marvin The Martian Hockey Jersey Design

marvin the martian hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

Another NHL/geek mashup today, this time the Ottawa Senators get a Marvin the Martian makeover. This one is a no-brainer, as the franchise logo has often been compared to the Looney Tunes character*. Even longtime Sens goalie Patrick Lalime had Marvin prominently featured on his goalie mask.

I had to Ottawa-ify the Mars flag, because in the cartoon it looked essentially the same as Japan’s national flag (red circle on white backdrop). Not that there is anything wrong with Japan’s flag, I just want to avoid confusion. This version of the flag mimics the Sens’ shoulder patches (those feature a black ‘O’ instead of the red planet).

*And for better or worse the Trojan condoms logo.

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  1. Christian Leyes

    That’s an wicked jersey! As a die-hard Sens fan who thinks Lalime got a bum rap after that game 7 against Toronto where he admittedly played badly, he did get them to game 7 despite Ottawa’s anemic playoff offense. Sorry, now I’m off topic – this jersey is oozing awesomeness, but because of the Ottawa influence, I’d like to see it with the same font that Ottawa used on their old, red jerseys (serpentine, I think).

    • yeah, I’m pretty sure serpentine was the font now that you mention it. though as a fan of this jersey but not of the sens, I’d like to maintain a small bit of distance from them so that it’s not mistaken from afar as only a sens jersey. must get one of these!

  2. Jacqui Mesecher

    Any chance you still have this design available?

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