The Hockey Pad Of My Dreams

Dream NHL living room by Dave Delisle

Taking a break from jersey designs today, I thought I’d share my ideal “Hockey Pad”, a place to watch hockey, play hockey video games, and just hang out in general.

The theme of this room is to replicate an NHL Arena. It would feature a score board entertainment unit, a zamboni fridge, and a few other fun details.

Dream NHL living room by Dave Delisle

Starting off with the boring stuff: I’ll be honest, I would want a couple of fancy reclining chairs for my pad. But for fun, I designed this “goal net” futon set. The curved metal bars of this old futon set always reminded me of a hockey net, so I thought a coat of red paint and some netting would make for the perfect hockey furniture.

Dream NHL living room by Dave Delisle

The centerpiece of the room is an entertainment unit based on the scoreboard you would find in an NHL arena. This one was inspired by the one at Rogers Arena. It would be anchored into the wall a few feet above ground. With a crowd mural on the wall, the scoreboard would appear to float in mid-air. It would be flanked by speakers suspended from the ceiling, as well as a fleet of banners to compliment the illusion of being at the game.

Instead of enlisting a bunch of smaller LCD displays to flank the TV, I decided to make the signage section of the entertainment unit a place for storage. Cabinet drawers and sliding panels reveal ample room for electronics and media. This configuration has 4 sliding panels above the TV, and 3 below it.

The Zamboni fridge! I initially thought an ice cooler shaped like a Zamboni would be neat, instead I decided to make it a fridge, which is a more ideal (and permanent) fixture for a hockey pad. This fridge on wheels would also be a neat place to park a beer keg, seeing as a lot of Zambonis have similar-looking canisters at the rear of the vehicle.

Dream NHL living room by Dave Delisle

I designed this fridge to open just like a Zamboni would when emptying its cache of ice, a nice touch but not practical. I imagine a real-life Zamboni fridge would open like a deep freezer.

Other details in the room include an NHL rink carpet, that neat Budweiser red light gadget (on the ceiling, top image), and a side table that is just like the one the Stanley Cup sits on when presented. There is a ton of other stuff I’d like to throw in this room, like a tabletop hockey game, one of those neat coffee tables made of hockey sticks, not to mention all my Calgary Flames paraphernalia.

So there’s my dream hockey pad! If you’re looking for more furniture ideas please head to my other blog.


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  1. I’ll be REALLY impressed (frightened?) if you managed to install a flamethrower in there for Calgary goals. Or perhaps you could mount Harvey the Hound’s head like a hunter’s trophy (that wouldn’t be creepy at all!) Seriously though, very cool, and I love the crowd mural, I bet that would really help with the sensory immersion. Except for the zamboni, this would be quite doable for someone with a little time and money!

  2. You forgot the bubble hockey!

  3. Unlucky Slayer

    Gotta have the goal lights and horns. Enough to disturb the neighbors.

  4. For me being a Tampa fan, obviously I would have to install Tesla coils like the Tampa Bay Times Forum has.

  5. Reblogged this on Dave's Geeky Ideas and commented:

    Here is an “ideas” post from my Hockey blog I thought I would share here.

  6. How did you make the fridge???

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