Pacific Rim Hockey Jersey Design: Gipsy Danger

Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Hockey Jersey

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Pacific Rim is easily my most anticipated film this year, and July cannot get here soon enough! For this design I enlisted Gipsy Danger, the apparent lead robot of the film. The giant bot is blue in color, is adorned with red and white stripes, and has the number 34 on each shoulder; a look that screams hockey.

I have two flavors here, a ‘Team Jaegers’ design (Jaegers being the name of the giant robots in the film), and a front crest based on Gipsy Danger’s nuclear reactor design — which is similar to Tony Stark’s arc reactor. Plenty of secondary patches to play around with here.

A few other Jaegers will probably get the design treatment, possibly the Kaiju as well (the Godzilla-like monsters that the Jaegers square off with). Even the pilot uniforms seen in the film could be emulated in hockey jersey form.

If you haven’t heard of Pacific Rim, you should check out the trailer.

No plans to make this available right now, though I really really want one.

UPDATE: Now that the film has come out I thought I’d revisit the design and make some tweaks:

Gipsy Danger Logo Hockey Jersey

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Basically I made the front logo more metallic, made the word  ‘JAEGERS’ smaller, and moved Gipsy Danger’s name from the back neck crest to the front.

There is a lot more interest for a Pacific Rim-inspired hockey jersey these days (compared to when I posted the design originally), but it’s difficult for me to decide whether the design should be offered. The film didn’t do very well at the box office – which I am bummed about – so popularity for the franchise could be very fleeting. Time will tell.


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  1. Make it!!! Make itt!!!!!

  2. Didn’t do well at the Box Office, really? I really loved the film and I went with lowwww expectations of not really liking it. Definitely ood fun.

  3. Dr. Checkmate

    For the life of me I don’t care which of these you make. Just make one… Though, a little love for Cherno Alpha would be cool, even if it never gets made.

  4. it was #1 when world box office is factored in, when you do that it had a better world opening than despicable me 2. Its a bad start in the Us but a fairly big success world. I think everything said and done, world box, Blu Ray sales, Toys ect, they’ll make a profit. Hell this weekend alone me and my friend dropped almost $300 on Pacific Rim Swag.

    • A lot of movies do really well overseas (e.g. The Golden Compass) but for whatever reason it’s the domestic take that is decisive for movie studios when it comes to sequels.

      I’d say Pacific Rim would need a second weekend that is roughly the same as the first ($37M) and that it holds steady after that.

      Pacific Rim needs $600M worldwide. The general rule is you have to double your budget + marketing spend, which is just shy of $300M for PacRim ($180M budget = $100M marketing).

      Blu-Ray sales will help, but I’ve only seen video sales help smaller films get sequels (like Austin Powers).

  5. Want. Want want want want.

  6. Great Design for an awesome movie! If these ever get made, I’ll be first in line. Even if these don’t get made, I’d love to see some designs for the other jaeger crews.

  7. I would buy the hell out of this.

  8. Yea….I’d wear the hell out of this

  9. Autumn steinmetz

    I agree. Make this thing. The movie was awesome and so many jersey ideas can come from it.

  10. Will you be creating this jersey? This is easily my favorite film, and I think it will do just fine over time. Like someone said above, I’d wear the hell out of this thing.

  11. I come from the future to say: a sequel is coming!

    I gotta say the film was disappointing for me who expected something much geekier… but then again i liked Battleship and that was an abhorrent failure.
    Here in the UK if a film is released and gets maybe £60M then its a guaranteed sequel xD.
    Some films (e.g. James Bond-does that get released in NA?) get a guaranteed sequel no matter what the box office is.

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