Airbender Hockey Jersey Designs

Avatar Airbender Hockey Jerseys

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I’m really just scratching the surface of the Airbender mythology with these four designs. Not only would you have jerseys for all the elements (earth, fire, water, air), but for Pro Bending teams as well. Some characters and animals (like the Flying Bisons) could carry a design too. Even factions like The Equalists might warrant some attention as well.


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  1. Cool designs, Dave! I would be excited to see a Fire Nation jersey.

  2. I might become a first time customer if these became available. That is awfully tempting.

  3. The air is slick. I do have an affinity for things blue. I do have the Captain America and Tardis 1.0 in my closet already. They are not my most worn ones (Lebowski) but are up in the rankings.

  4. oooh. i would definitely buy a Fire and Water nation jersey.
    so much want!!

  5. Man. What’s the likelihood of these becoming available? I remember an MST3K design I was interested had some legality issues.

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