Demolition Man, The Watchmen, And Judge Dredd Hockey Jersey Designs

Demolition Man Hockey Jersey 2013 Dave Delisle

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Another batch of designs featuring some very random design inspirations today, starting with Demolition Man of all things. The police uniform on which it is based makes for an asymmetrical design, usually a design no-no for sports uniforms, but I’ll make an exception here.

Watchmen DC Comics Hockey Jersey 2013 Dave Delisle

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Next up is a  Watchmen-themed hockey jersey. I think the Smiley Face version works pretty good, capturing the iconic look of the Watchmen brand.

If you like Watchmen check out a few designs on my other blog.

Judge Dredd Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle

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Next up is Judge Dredd, which is based on the new film that came out recently. A film that made me regret not seeing it in theaters (its 3D potential looks very fun). I think this would look good on a hockey team, especially with skaters who wear tinted visors.


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  1. Love the Watchmen one, keep it up Dave!

  2. I love anything Dredd. I wear the hell out of that jersey.

  3. Both Watchmen jerseys are totally boss. If you decide to manufacture them, definitely count me down for one.

  4. I would give some serious considering to that Dredd or the black/yellow Watchmen. The Watchmen one just has a little something more though, I can’t describe it though.

  5. Imagine a hockey jersey made out of the same material Rorschach’s mask was made of

    That would look so awesome when laying out a check

  6. Where can I buy the Dredd jersey?

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