Boondock Saints Hockey Jersey Design

Boondock Saints Boston hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

Update: Sorry we had to pull this design due to legal issues. I apologize to those who hoped to land one. Original post as follows:

The Holidays have just ended, and here I am already looking ahead a few months to St. Patrick’s Day! Because of the time needed for jerseys, I thought I’d post this design now to see if there is enough interest.

This jersey features a lot of Irish imagery, but I feel it could be worn beyond St. Patty’s Day.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. There is a run here, the Get Lucky 7K run. I would wear this proudly. I leave for Japan the next day and would take it with me. The Japanese people have a few great Ice Hockey Leagues and would love to take it with me to get some good pictures with fans over there at a few games.

  2. So ya this would be awesome, only hitch is the bruins style logo, but I can live with it for this awesome jersey

  3. There isn’t a thing about this jersey I don’t love. I just need to sort out the finances for one…

  4. Oh Hell Yes

  5. YES, PLEASE!!!

  6. Oh man, I was born on St Patrick’s Day! This would be PERFECT!

  7. Must. Have. This.

  8. I was looking for a new shirt for St. Patty’s day – here it is!

  9. You just keep raising the bar, don’t you?

  10. yes, please. This would sell well in Massachusetts.

  11. Hell Yes. Pretty Please. I’ll be your best friend

  12. Saw this, on top of the lockout ending today I had the best morning ever. Hypothetically, how much interest would you want to see before considering making these available? Any sort of quantifiable goal would be well appreciated.

    • Reception to this design has been outstanding in such a short time frame. They will be made available very soon (will update this post when everything is finalized).

      Typically I gauge reaction here, Twitter, my Facebook page, and Rinkgear’s Facebook page. Cumulatively if there is a lot of interest a green light is given! As is the case here.

  13. My hockey team has been looking for a replacement jersey, THIS IS IT!! I hope you decide to produce them, if so I’m gonna need alot.

  14. Hey Dave, the listing disapeared from Geeky Jerseys. Do you know whats up?

  15. Just stumbled on your blog about a week ago, Dave. LOVE IT! About died when I saw this one, but then ran through the comments… (insert sadface here). Would’ve been wicked and I’d have gotten one, too bad legalities got in the way. It’d be cool if you figured a design with the same color scheme and layout for St. Paddy’s!

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