Wolfram And Hart Hockey Jersey Design

Wolfram and hart hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

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  1. I want that Wolfram and Hart. Take my money! Take it!

  2. Wolfram&Hart all the way!!

  3. +1 on wanting that Wolfram & Hart jersey (though I’d like the front better if it was just the logo w/o the words)

  4. That Wolfram & Hart logo is sheer badassery.

  5. Can you make the Wolfram & Hart jersey for sale? Please? Pretty please?

  6. I *might* make this available if there is plenty of interest. Share on Facebook or Twitter. I break easily.

  7. Want wolfram and hart!

  8. I love the use of negative space in the main logo to create the Ram. Well done! Any possiblity of this becoming a reality?

  9. Senior Associate

    Look around at the corporate scandals guys. Europe, the US, Asia. Are law firms getting any more honourable? Come on its time for a W&H jersey!

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