Crusaders Hockey Jersey Design

crusaders hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle


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  1. Is there ANY way you can do the A-Team one WITHOUT directly referencing The A-Team? Maybe just a big military style A on the front? I would buy one!!

  2. I’m a HUGE Batman fan, and I dig A-Team and Arrested Development, so it’s kinda weird that of all these, the Herbie jersey is the one I like the most. Unrelated, what’s up with the 24 on the AD jersey? I get the rationale for the others, but that one has me stumped.

    • If I can’t think of an appropriate number I’ll just slap a generic 25 or 23 or 24 on a jersey, because it looks symmetrical. Whenever possible I do try to make the number relevant.

  3. The Herbie one made me think of my favorite cartoon as a kid: Speed Racer! How about it?

    • There are a bunch of cars that didn’t have enough to translate to a hockey jersey. Speed Racer would be a white jersey with a red pointy M and a number, and that’s about it. Same with KITT and the Starsky & Hutch car; just not enough to carry a design in a significant way. Who knows, maybe one day I can make it work.

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