Jurassic Park Hockey Jersey Design

Jurassic Park hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

The above design is loosely based on the gas jeep from the first film. Like all Universal Studio properties (such as Stargate, Last Starfighter, Battlestar Galactica) this won’t be made available.

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  1. Struggling with choosing a name and number. With Ver1.0, I went with “Stormageddon” which is awesome, but probably a touch too long – it fit, but its hard to read. So, considering “Silence” and “Ganger” and “Sigma” and “Boe” and even “Spoilers”… or perhaps “Prisoner” and then for the number, “00”. Any other ideas out there?

    • I’m probably not the person to ask, I’m just starting to watch the series! But many people go with “The Doctor” “Smith” “Tennant” “Eccleston” and their corresponding Doctor number. Maybe your own last name as well? Perhaps a few others can chime in here.

  2. Licensing aside, this would look amazing as a white jersey with red trim and the Bay Harbor Butcher blood splatter

  3. I’d love to see one of these using the green electric car from jurassic park as inspiration

  4. How do I buy it?

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