Converse And Adidas Hockey Jersey Designs

Converse Hockey Jersey

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So here are two shoe companies that translate perfectly to hockey jerseys: Converse and Adidas. Mostly because of their iconic logos and striping. Other companies like Nike or Reebok don’t make the leap (despite the latter making NHL jerseys currently, and the former being a big hockey apparel player in the 90’s). And both jerseys look great! Maybe these companies will consider adding hockey jerseys to their apparel lines?

What really knocks these designs out of the park are the lace-up collars on the jerseys, which look just like shoe laces. I did my best to add shoe accents for this area, like the Adidas ‘tongue’ logo and the Converse toe tip.

Adidas Hockey Jersey

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Other companies I considered were British Knights and K-Swiss. Might eventually get around to making those designs one day.

No plans to offer these! Although I would seriously kill many Bothan Spies for that Converse jersey.


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  1. I only wear Doc Martens but damned if that Converse jersey isn’t a beaut.

  2. these are fantastic, well done. you’ll have sneakerheads drooling in no time

  3. Again, that is most impressive! I can’t say how badly I want that Converse one!

  4. I like them both. Adidas did release a hockey jersey about 15 years ago. Still one of the favorites in my collection.

  5. Only other shoe companies that immediately spring to mind with a logo that would work would be Puma.

  6. You should definitely try to make that Converse one available, it’s solid.

    Also, Puma is a good suggestion of another one to try to make due to their logo being something more than just lines.

  7. I’ve got the Chuck Taylor All Stars logo tattooed on both ankles…and I would kill ALL the younglings for that Jersey. Damn!

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