Spider-Man And Venom Hockey Jersey Designs

Spider-Man hockey jersey davesgeekyhockeyA jersey design for Spider-Man, mostly a tribute to his costume from the 60’s animated series, but it works for any era really. Here’s a Venom design:

Spider-Man hockey jersey davesgeekyhockey

I pitched the Venom design to Geeky Jerseys, they declined the design for legal reasons. Them’s the brakes!

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  1. Those are pretty nice designs Dave. You know, if you were to try getting these made I can think of one guy who might really want one of those himself… Kevin Smith. Now I’m thinking that since Kevin knows Stan Lee I’m betting he’d be able to find you the permission you’re looking for. It’s just a thought. 🙂

    • Is your last name McFarlane by any chance?? Would be great to work with those guys. I was actually challenged by Smith to make a SMODCO jersey. Haven’t gotten around to it yet. :S

      • LOL, nope not McFarlane. But I will say that I was thinking about suggesting you do a jersey for SMODCO since Smith seems to love wearing his hockey jerseys when hosting SPOILERS! 🙂

  2. rinkegear + kevin smith = shut up and take my money. Jersey based off his movies would be amazing. Not just the ones he has done in the past but some like you have done.

  3. Woo Venom! Very bad ass, love it. The Spidey I also think came out rather good. Or spidey-ish, at least. I may be biased >_> You’re right, It just doesn’t work without the webbing though…

  4. Mike Jerchower, director of licensing for Marvel Entertainment

  5. Dude how much for one of these awesome jerseys. And do you have a goalie cut?

  6. def want a goalie version of the spidey with web!

  7. I’d love that Spider-Man! I think the webbing looks pretty awesome, at least on paper. Good job man, long time lurker!

  8. I dig all of the designs. Slick.

  9. I have to have one of these!1

  10. I would order 4! Two of each (spidey and venom), one to wear as clothing, the other goalie cut for the ice! Spidey with the web for sure, and the venom one is great as well!!

  11. I’d love one of each to wear out on the ice! I’ve got a half Spidey-half Venom mask, and all of my gear is matching red and blue. This would be sick!

  12. Spidey is awesome!

  13. I think the Venom one looks BA. I think it would get a good response; I would buy at least two.

  14. I’m so mad at myself for finding your site too late, I ended up missing my window for the Spider-Man jersey twice! I literally emailed Geeky Jerseys to ask for a Spidey one and missed it.

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