Tardis 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Tardis 3.0 hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Im in for at least two as soon as they come up for order

  2. Tremendous. I’m in for one.

  3. I would very much like to purchase one

  4. I ordered one of these the last time they came up and never received one.

  5. Angellica Peterson

    Yes please! I want one very very badly!

  6. Any chance these will be up for ordering the same time as the new Zelda?…. either way its a yes.

  7. dalek version the top or the dalek as the emblem and the bubbles as the jersey or cybermen or even a 4th doctor scarf version anything dr who is good I own all version so far

  8. I definitely want to order this! Especially since I missed the last order window. :_) PLEASE sell this in October so it’s available for the holidays.

  9. I’m in for two. Make it so.

  10. I’m in for one, and I know a few guys who would most definately go for some too.

  11. How can I get one of these and is there a possibility for tennant 10 instead of smith 11? Also price would be fantastic. Thank you greatly I’m in for 2-3.

  12. Absolutely down for one of these as soon as they are available.

  13. If you ever made a BSG one I’d not only cream myself but order multiples based on which characters you made them for!

  14. Any chance of letting us know closer to the time for when you would release this? I live in New Zealand and don’t want to miss out if you release it at something like 3am my time 🙂 Cheers Dave!

  15. I’m down for one!

  16. Nice work! Put me down for one.

  17. I’m down for one. I’m thinking of getting mine to simply say “The Doctor” on the back.

  18. I’m planning on buying one for the holidays, but can they be customized like the last bunch? I want to get it for a friend, and she is not the biggest fan of Matt Smith.

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