NHL Lockout Cartoon

My biggest frustration with the impending NHL lockout is that both parties were really slow in getting to the bargaining table. I mean, they only had 7 years to avert this, but for whatever reason didn’t start CBA talks until 3 months before today’s (Sept 15) deadline. Inexcusable, considering what happened last time. The fans deserve a lot more urgency from both the NHL and NHLPA, especially after what happened with the cancelled season of 2004-05.

NHL Lockout Cartoon Sept 15 2012


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  1. I like the cartoon, and hope they can reach an agreement soon a repeat of the cancelled season can only mean bad things. I can’t believe the NFL and the Refs are still trying to work something out. The replacement refs are trying their best, but no fan is happy about there penalty calling.

  2. I think every fan would rather see a reduced season than a fully locked out season.

    That being said, both sides need to at least fake urgency, because clearly it doesn’t look like anybody is in a rush.

  3. I hate this, the preseason was almost here, why does the damn CBA end so close near the season and not almost immediately after the end of the season. I guess it makes sense to someone but not me.

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