Team Venture And Monarch Hockey Jersey Designs

Venture Bros hockey jerseys by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Please do! All hail the mighty sting of the Monarch!!

  2. The Monarch Jersey would be the most epic thing ever… (Hyperbole?) That looks incredible. If you ending up doing these, count me in. And e-mail me if a lady orders one for “Dr Mrs The Monarch” 😉

  3. I could finally get my Lady to wear a jersey if you made the Monarch one.

  4. Sphinx jersey, now shut up and take my money.

  5. serious consideration in the Monarch is made available.

  6. GeneralDisarray

    These are fantastic! And a HUGE second on the Sphinx jersey. SPHINX!!

  7. Not interested myself (not a Venture Bros fan really), but after showing them, my girlfriend and another friend went “Dude, I would totally buy a Monarch jersey! did he say when they’ll be offered?”.

    • You girlfriend has AWESOME taste in shows, dubious taste in guys — especially ones that don’t like Venture Bros. KIDDING!

      We’ll see about a Monarch jersey in the coming weeks. Would be nice to hear back from Adult Swim first.

  8. PLEASE keep me posted on this one! This is a must have for me. Would buy it up in a heartbeat.

    Though I’d make one change. Add the butterfly as an alternate team logo on the shoulders above the numbers instead of on the back, and change the number to “21”. Just seems right. 😉


  9. I have never have wanted a yellow or brown jersey until now. And I really want it. I agree with Sean, change the number to 21, but the name plate should read HENCHMAN. And could you also put a black patch on the front with the number ’24’? It only seems right.
    You could make a killing at Comic-Con.

    • Great idea Joe with the black patch. Love it!

      One of the nice things is, if it makes it to Rinkgear you can pick your own name and number. I was just thinking for Promo use.

  10. Angellica Peterson

    I would be willing to put down the money A.S.A.P. for the crayola jersey! Amazing!

  11. I NEED that Monarch jersey, and with it I’ll finally be able to arch Dr. Venture.

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen your work. Your jersey designs are awesome. I never wear T-shirts or jerseys.

    That said, if you make these and they come in my size, you have a guaranteed sale of a Monarch jersey and a Venture Bros. jersey. These are fantastic.

  13. The Monarch jersey is freakin awesome! So hope this happens!

  14. I have no idea how exactly I ended up on this website but if these ever get put into production, please let me know. I’d love to have one. Email me or hit me up on twitter or something!

  15. Monarch jersey for the win!

  16. Love the Monarch jersey. My only question: Why #25? I would think The Monarch would want to be #1. Now if it said “Henchman” then ya gotta go with #21.

  17. Monarch jersey = please take my money

  18. I just found this site and have to say just how disappointed that I am just now finding out about these jerseys. I personally would jump at buying a Monach jersey. Absolutely beautiful.

  19. I’m still willing to buy it. Just tell me when.

  20. SPHINX!

    Seriously, I would totally buy a Sphinx jersey, and the bf definitely wants a Monarch one. Hope these make it to production!

  21. The Monarchs jersey is now available until March 31st!

  22. Seriously I would love a set of these, and a guild of calamitous intent, and maybe even an OSI.

    With season five around the corner, they would likely do well

  23. Any news on when these will ship? It’s been a while…

  24. Christopher McGoey

    Intrested in any Venture bros related Jersey that you are planning on manufacturing

  25. I love my monarch jersey and still have hopes these will become a the someday.

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