Ghostbusters Hockey Jersey Design 2.0

Ghostbusters 2.0 Hockey Jersey

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I decided to make this simpler than the first design, for a few reasons: 1.) Less stripey, more GB uniform-y 2.) Numbers placed on the arm stripes are more concealed, adding to the uniform look 3.) The thinner waist stripe looks more like a belt, and 4.) just a cleaner presentation overall.

Lace-up collar is new, the numbers are now grey, and the font on the nameplate is the same as the numbers (oops, forgot to change one digit to an 8, ah well). I made a few secondary logos but they just didn’t mesh with the design.

Hope you like it, stay tuned for any announcements regarding a group order for one.


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  1. Uggghnnn…Assuming the Zelda redesign gets offered, then this one, I’ll have gotten the chance to get my top 3 jerseys designs of yours. Now, to go about affording them…

    No Ghostbusters Phone Number patch on this one? That was one of the touches on the last one I liked.

  2. Are you still planning on offering the GB II design?

    • That design is *currently* on the backburner to make room for Zelda and possibly a surprise entry.

      Worst case scenario GBII is next month or October, depending on interest.

  3. Cool, sounds good.

  4. Awesome! I’ll be first in line to order. I second Iziah’s comment re: the phone number patch – I loved that detail on the first one. Any chance you could put it on the left side of the sweater?

    • Unfortunately having two patches on the tail creates a “tail lights” effect. Your eye is drawn to them much more than usual. It’s a bit distracting!

      No patch this time. Case closed. *hammers gavel*

  5. can’t wait for this one..i skipped the iron man one just so i could have the extra dough for this one

  6. Love it! I’m definelty going to get one!

  7. This and Zelda I’m in on both. I found your site right after this one closed. So I have been waiting for this one lol

  8. First time visiting the site; these are all pretty awesome. Great ideas. I’m angry at myself for never having thought of it!

  9. Fantastic jersey Dave. This was my brother and my favorite movie as kids. I’m in for two.

  10. Would really love to order 2 of these.

  11. I love that you’re going to possibly do another batch of the Ghosbusters jerseys. I’m definitely hoping to be kept in the loop if this becomes a definite reality!

  12. Kevin Wirtshafter

    These are absolutely awesome my 8 year old son is completely obsessed with the Ghostbusters after finding my old toys packed away. Will any be made in kid sizes?

  13. I placed an order on September 1st. Any idea on when it will ship? It’s going to make an awesome gift.

  14. I take it that it is impossible to get this and the spaceballs one now

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