LEON Hockey Jersey Design

Leon the professional hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. I’ll admit, the Direwolves design is the only one I had an interest in. Not surprized how popular they are. Awesome name, awesome logo, and I think everyone has a favorite Stark. =) Looking forward to the redesign

  2. i need the Snow jersey in my life…how can i acquire one?

  3. Need an Ironborn design. NEED. What Is Dead May Never Die.

  4. Has anyone received theirs yet? I am anxiously awaiting my STARK!

    • They shipped yesterday (August 20th), so no, not yet.

    • I emailed Rinkgear again yesterday but never heard a word back since 12th when they said they were shipping later that week. Was hoping to get a tracking number or something but it seems hard to get much of a reply from them :-\

      • Just got an email from Rinkgear, they started shipping Monday and seems mine will ship today or Thursday. Was hoping it would have shipped sooner since I think I had one of the very first orders in the morning ordering opened, but at least it will ship this week hopefully.

      • It doesn’t matter when you ordered. When the order window closes, then all the jerseys are made at once, and then they are shipped at the same time. Order windows are typically a month long. Jerseys take 4 – 6 weeks to produce, and then another week (two for international) for shipping. Please see the FAQ’s.

  5. Finally just got the package in the mail! A 3XL Mormont #74 jersey.

    Unfortunately I ordered a XL Stark #99. Ughhh.

    • Yikes! Please contact Rinkgear right away at info@rinkgear.com

      Sounds like your order might have been swapped with someone else’s. This happened once before, Rinkgear was able to rectify it.

      • While I was disappointed, Rinkgear was definitely on top of it. They contacted me FIRST and let me know I may have an incorrect shipment. Just waiting to get a reply on the next step. Also I must admit…I had to open it up and look at the Mormont. I must say it is beautiful! It’s big enough to fit my house in though LOL

  6. Dave (not THE Dave, a different Dave)

    Hey Dave, I think you should face facts. You are just going to have to dedicate the next few months of your life to creating the GoTHL (Game of Thrones Hockey League).

    Westeros Conference

    North Division
    – Winterfell Direwolves
    – Night’s Watch Rangers
    – Eyrie Falcons
    – The Kraken of Pyke
    – Frostfang Wildlings

    South Division
    – Lannisport Lions
    – K.L. Kingsguard
    – Storm’s End Stags
    – Sunspear SandSnakes
    – Highgarden Thorns

    Essos Conference

    East Division
    – Old Valyria Dragons
    – Vaes Dothrak Screamers
    – Astapor Unsullied
    – Qarth Warlocks
    – Volantis Red Priests

    West Division
    – Braavos Faceless Men
    – Lys Pirate Lords
    – Tyrosh Sellswords
    – Red Priests of Myr
    – Pentos Princes

    • *grabs broom, starts waving it* SHOO! Begone you accursed spirit! I get a lot of grief as-is. 😉

      Eventually I’ll make my way through Westeros. A whole league will form in time!

  7. I need a stark jersey. How can i buy one?

  8. white walkers need a jersey!

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