Robotech Hockey Jersey Design

Robotech Hockey Jersey 2012 Dave Delisle

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Another long-gestating design I am happy to finally post. Robotech is often requested here, but I’ve been working on this well before this hockey site began (my love of robots is quite legendary). I just couldn’t get the clean design I wanted.

I finally cracked the shoulder design, which enabled me to finish. Inspired by the 90’s Pittsburgh Penguins look, the pointed shoulder yoke allowed for a familiar Valkyrie design. A subtle light blue allowed for the Robot’s silhouette to be hinted at as well.

The easy approach would be to make this look like exactly like a Valkyrie robot, but I am all about wearable jerseys here. I always think about the end user wearing this out and about.

No plans to make this available currently*. If I do make it available, it will be with a more generic skull-and-bones, along with a different emblem on the back.

*Unless the folks behind Robotech are every bit as cool as those behind Voltron!


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  1. I’d buy one. You could leave the Macross triangle logo off if you are worried about flak. As for the Skull, Harmony Gold doesn’t own the Jolly Roger, they borrowed it from someone else: I’d leave it as is.

  2. This one really peeks my interest. Robotech is my all-time favorite so this would definitely be a jersey I snagged from you

  3. This one i would buy in a heart beat.

  4. I would buy this jersey as soon as it becomes available

  5. I’d buy this one in a heartbeat. It would match my goalie mask perfectly!

  6. There are places one could buy the Macross patch and apply it afterwards! I would buy one most definitely!

  7. Hey you guys above this comment! If you really want to get this Jersey made, now’s your chance! We need just 9 more people to set up a group buy at the Rinkgear FB page. Reply to my comment here if you’re interested!

  8. Automatic sale (x2!) from me if/when it goes up! C’mon, let’s do this.

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