Superman, Wonder Woman Hockey Jersey Designs

Superman Wonder Woman Hockey Jerseys

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These are two designs that have been lingering for some time on the drawing board, mostly because I wasn’t happy with them. Instead of letting them idle forever I thought I’d share them. These were made a few months back when I was posting DC Superhero jerseys.

This Superman jersey looked really good to me until I added numbers and a name. So I decided not to include them in the end. There is something to be said for simplicity! I used the Fleischer-era shield for a unique approach, as there are many, many Superman hockey jerseys floating around out there (which has kept me from attempting one previously).

Another one I struggled with, because the stars just sunk this design when added, no matter where and how many, so I decided to nix them. I think the WW logo and striping carry the design very well as-is. Jerseys based on primary colors are more challenging than you would think.


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  1. they look awesome. love the shield its my fave after the kingdom come one

  2. Yes to the Wonder Woman please!! I’d be all over it!

  3. I can imagine that the numbers on the Superman jersey would distract from the look. When it’s displayed plain like that, it looks really sharp.

    I love that you did a Wonder Woman jersey too. I can see that you based it on her traditional costume (red/yellow/blue) and not her current design (crimson/silver/navy). The only thing that throws me off about the WW jersey is the blue shoulders. I’ve only really liked shoulder designs on white jerseys, I prefer dark jersey to have plain shoulders.

    Btw, the Game of Throne jerseys are FAB-U-LOUS! I’m saving my money now to get a Targaryen and a Stark one!

  4. I want that Superman one so badly. Any way to have these made that you know of?

  5. LOVE the Wonder Woman. As a 6’0″ hockey playing Mom of hockey players. I would love to wear this!

  6. I saw Kevin Smith wearing one similar to the Superman one in a DC Comics thing, is that something you did?

  7. Can you please make these???

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