Link 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Link 2.0 hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Really? I love the earthtones of this one. Brown and green <3. I hope you reconsider this one for availability. Your Zelda Jersey is my number 1 want, but I'd take this design over the old one in a heartbeat. I also think the cross scritches are a great little touch, especially on the cuffs. Where is the leaf design located? Is it by the collar? I can't really tell….

  2. theloveofisis

    I’d hit it. I mean, I’d buy it. Been waiting for this sequel!

  3. WANT. I’ve seen the first Link jerseys in person, and I’ve been waiting patiently ever since for one to become available. Please take my burdensome money. Pleasepleaseplease

  4. My friend and I want this so bad. Zelda was like my religion as a kid.

  5. Yes! just Yes! I would love to own one of these bad boys! I’d wear the heck outta it!

  6. Make it so. I want it!!!

  7. A friend of mine pointed me here. This looks awesome!

  8. Sign me up too!

  9. i would love this jersey

  10. I. NEED. THIS.

    I like it better than the first one. It just seems more authentic to Link. How soon can I buy one??

  11. Yes and Yes..and possibly Yes a third time

  12. I was bummed when you ended your offerings because I was waiting for this one in particular. I’m not demanding that you make it but if you DO make if I am DEFINATELY interested!

  13. I wonder how many people just want a Zelda design, Vs thinking this is actually a better design than the first… lol

    • Considering I did not buy the first one because I did not like the gold color scheme? At least one? I don’t really care how attention gets garnered as long as it gives me the opportunity to get one of the sweet babies!

  14. I love this design. I would definitely buy one of these. I’m seriously gonna have 1 jersey for every day of the week. Nerdy Jerseys FOREVER.

  15. I know you’d have at least one sale from down under if you released this!

  16. I discovered your site 45 minutes after the deadline for your last zelda jersey & have been waiting for the new design to come out. I was slightly depressed when I found out you weren’t going to offer anymore. I’m excited again!

  17. Please, find it in your heart to make the beautiful creation a reality! I will buy AT LEAST one…

  18. This jersey is amazing I am waiting to anxiously to purchase one. Any idea when they are going to be available?

  19. Cannot wait for the new Zelda Jersey. I am definitely ordering it.

  20. Interested in one, let us know if it becomes available?

  21. I really want one of these, It shows how much of a fan I am for both Zelda and Hockey. Please release.

  22. Oh man. I didn’t check back here in about 2 weeks. I was afraid it might have gone on sale and I missed it. Glad it wasn’t the case.

    • *Ahem* You should be checking in *hourly*, my site is that awesome. These designs should be burned into your retinas. Kidding!

      Zelda real soon. Rinkgear is launching a new site dedicated to Geeky Jerseys.

      • Oh my God. You’re right! I feel ashamed.

        Glad to know it’ll be around soon! …I hope it takes Paypal.

      • I made the mistake of not checking in hourly. Hopefully you’ll have another Zelda-inspired run before too long.

        Still love my Tardis jersey! Keep up the great work!

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t believe I missed this….I want to die! PLEASE ! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! offer another Zelda run! Pretty please!

  24. I’m a little confused?? I ordered one of these (Zelda 2.0) and paid and the posts here seem to indicate it is still pending?? A private e-mail I sent was returned with a comment they SHOULD be ready for Christmas or at least shipping in December. Where do I find intormation on Zelda 2.0??

    • An older design post may have said it was pending. The offer has come and gone, and the jerseys are still slated to arrive in time for Xmas.

      I’ll post an update here when they are completed.

  25. I want this! Where can I get it!

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