Wu-Tang Hockey Jersey Design

Wu-Tang Hockey Jersey Sports

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This is not geeky per se, but I love the Wu and for fun I made this design. I also made one for Public Enemy, which I will drop some time down the line (I have to stockpile designs, or else it would get crazy in here).

Originally I copied this Boston Bruins jersey design exactly, but then I remembered that Wu-Tang hails from New York, and that would be sacrilege. So I then made a design based on a bee (as in Killer Bees!).

There is enough members in the group to fill a hockey team, so I couldn’t decide what name to put on the back. I then opted for 36 CHAMBERS as homage to their debut album, which is TWENTY YEARS-OLD next year. *Sigh!*


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  1. Very classy. Would love to own one if it was possible to make past copyright.

  2. This is awesome. Wu-TANG!!

  3. PLEASE make these available!!!

  4. How can I get one of these

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