Starship Troopers Hockey Jersey Design: Roughnecks

Rico's Roughnecks Hu-ah Starship Troopers


A design based on the uniform of the mobile infantry, however I added black to the mid-section. Below is a mockup:

Rico's Roughnecks Hu-ah Starship Troopers

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  1. Now that’s more like it Mr. Wayne (re: Night’s Watch).

  2. Liked the original nights watch design alot better. This one looks cartoonish

  3. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Can’t wait. Been wanting a Night’s Watch jersey for months now.

  4. WHAT IF the retro jersey was at the same time the away jersey (just make it white)? I’m not getting one of them (Night’s Watch for me) but you could kill 2 birds with one stone.

    • There’s an idea! I was just cloning the Blackhawks design — they didn’t have a white version (teams didn’t have home and away jerseys back then).

      I’ll get around to a white version soon.

  5. Crap!!! I like them all.

  6. While I was at a game the other day I thought an away jersey could work as white with a black shield and white wolf (Ghost). It could be like a “bastard” variant…
    You still gotta do Baratheon and Greyjoy 🙂

  7. Like the look of them all, can’t wait to get an order in. When do you think they will be ready and shipping for this batch?

    • The shipping is determined by the order window, which hasn’t been set yet. Right now I’d like to offer these until the end of June, so they’d arrive in August.

  8. Just a quick question, Dave – it’s difficult to see from the shots of previous jerseys, and obviously these are graphics, but I was wondering if the numbers/name and logo are embroidered or screen printed? I know my Avs jersey is so much better with everything sewn on, and it was worth paying the extra $$$ for the authentic version!

    Love the designs, by the way – you’re a rock star! I have got my eye on a Direwolves jersey, however I’d love to see one with the grey and white stripes/piping reversed. What do you think? I love the grey you have used in the retro design – definitely prefer more of that than a larger white stripe.

    My favourite House is Mormont – any chance for a green/black jersey – the ‘Grizzlies’ maybe? 🙂

    • All the lettering is twill crested, and individually sewn onto the jersey.

      I’d love to change up the Direwolves jersey, but I’ve gotten so many requests for that particular design, and so few asking for a variation of it (like a white version). I’m playing it safe I know, but so many people have their heart set on getting one.

      I had a poll to determine these ones, and it seems like there is only interest in the main houses. Other houses like Martell and Greyjoy are so fringe in their demand. You’re actually the first to ask for Mormont! So the chances are very slim currently.

      • Yeah I figured it was a long shot – Mormont is a bit of a fringe house! 🙂

        I still love the Stark jersey though, so thank you so much for designing them! I can tell a lot of love and effort went into them.

  9. the new wave of GOT jersys is very nice,How ever there is one change I’d love to see to the Targaryen Jersey, swap the Red and Black…..Never Enough Black Jerseys- Got my Oakland&LA Raiders, Gretzky Kings jersey, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr, DireWolves…..

  10. Anyone else have issues with the Rinkgear site? Cannot seem to get the checkout to work and cookies are enabled so not sure what the issues are.

  11. Awesome!! Just put in an order for a Direwolves. Thanks!

  12. Put my order in for a Direwolves and Nights Watch! Thankyou from the land down under!

  13. Succumbed, after much deliberation and choosing, to just go for all of them!

    Seriously dude, this is awesome stuff – GoT is really picking up here in the UK and I can’t wait to show these off 😀

  14. I really, REALLY want the direwolves alternate jersey. It’s the only one I’m considering right now, I really hope it is made available.

  15. I’m waiting on the details to order my Tardis sweater (the dalek cinched it for me, and I like the darker blue color), and decided to voice my frustrated fan opinions over here.

    1. What can we possibly do to get a kracken jersey?! I need a black and gold kracken with “We Do Not Sow” to put “Cleftjaw” on the back of. I’ve been stalking the site since I found it three months ago hoping Greyjoy was going to make the list.

    2. House Stark’s colors are white and gray. No black. If I lived somewhere cold enough to wear long sleeves more than five days a year, I might be able to over look the inaccuracy, but I have to be picky (especially as a couple days will be used by the Tardis swearer). The retro is mostly gray, which I do prefer.

    3. The Targaryn dragon is my favorite of the logos. I particularly like the birds-eye-view small patch on the back. Unfortunately, the characters annoy me no end.

    4. When I heard that Night’s Watch made the vote, I thought it had potential. Seeing the design(s), I’m still left stumped as to why there’s a skull for the main crest. It’s not that the skull is “bad,” but it doesn’t fit with what I’ve read about the Night’s Watch. Other than some heads being bashed in, skulls aren’t featured. Is the TV series different?

    5. Please do a kracken? I’ll even pay the gold price.

    6. Pretty please?

    • The Who 2.0 jerseys will be available soon. There is really no hurry. This isn’t Mondo posters where I offer 300 posters and they sell out in seconds. Jerseys are available for several weeks.

      1. Don’t hold your breath. There is no demand for Greyjoy. There is barely any for Lannister, a much more popular house.

      2. The sigil in the books is also a full-bodied silver direwolf on a white field with the motto, so accuracy is not paramount here. However this design is always in demand, who am I to change it.

      3. …

      4. I thought you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones? It’s not just a skull, it’s a Wight. Featuring a gleaming blue eye, which is the one iconic Wight trait. The logo depicts a spoil of war — you put the heads of your fallen enemies on a spike. And that jersey is selling well so must be doing something halfway decent.

      5. Yes lay a bunch of criticisms at my feet and bug me to make you stuff. I am so inclined seeing how well you received my other designs.

      6. See above

  16. I want, I want, I want – when can we buy more?????

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