Harry Pawter Jerseys Are Done!

Harry Potter Hockey Jerseys 2012 Dave Delisle Gryffindor Logo

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I made these Harry Pawter jerseys available last month, and for whatever reason people kept misspelling theirs as “Potter”, but who am I to stop them? This person here went with a rather cheeky “Chosen 1” which is pretty darn clever.

Beautiful work by Rinkgear as always. The embroidery on all the crests is stellar.

These will be shipped out next week. Pretty quick turnaround this time, though likely due to the small order. The low turnout means that this jersey will never be offered again, and plans to make the other houses available (like Slytherin) have been shelved indefinitely. The Potter fandom has got nothing on those rabid Game Of Thrones fans.


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  1. If you ever offer House Lannister in the same style, I’ll be first in line. The style was really sharp in red and gold, and honestly if you changed the G to an L and removed the Snitch, you’d be 95% done toward a sweer Lannister Jersey

  2. Lol very nice glad I got one if there never going to be offered again nice work

  3. Gotta give credit for the “Chosen 1” idea to my friends lady…and GO KINGS!

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