Captain America And Iron Man Hockey Jersey Designs

Captain America Shellhead Hockey Jerseys 2012 Dave Delisle

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There are the only 2 guys from The Avengers that translate well to a hockey jersey (in this blogger’s humble opinion): Captain America and Iron Man. I actually made one for Thor, but it looked weird. You just need to buy a plain green practice jersey for the Hulk.

These are rather generic-looking and could possibly be offered one day (would need to dispose of the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo). Unless Marvel trademarked the American flag, amirite??

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  1. You should totally do a Deadpool one too

  2. Can you put any number on it? I like 74

  3. War Machine variation? *hopeful*

  4. Love it! I need to order one of these…

  5. I want one of those Captain America jerseys with every fiber of my being.

  6. I would totally buy a captain america one!

  7. Not sold on the Iron Man one, but Cap is fantastic. This one and the Green Lantern should be next. Please?

  8. Any chance you could post the Thor design so we could check it out?

    • Sorry, I did away with it! I just built a rough proxy of the Thor uniform, and it didn’t look good. Only those with an insignia (like Superman) translate well.

  9. If you ever make these available, I will order them both.

  10. What about a black, white, and grey shirt with SHIELD on it?

  11. Any timeframe on the Iron Man jersey?

  12. That Captain America jersey is awesome! Would make for a great Team USA sweater for Olympics 🙂

  13. Yeah, I think both of those look completely awesome, particularly the Captain America one.

  14. how can i buy an IRON MAN jersey?

  15. The 3D render doesn’t have the winged A on the chest representative of his mask, did you cut that from the final design? I really liked…

  16. Hi,
    Do You Still Make The Captain America Jersey, And Do You Have Youth Sizes?
    Thank You

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