Direwolves 3.0 Hockey Jerseys Are Done!

Stark Direwolves Sigil Logo Hockey Jersey davesgeekyideas

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These bad boys are finito and will be shipped out on Monday. Looks like Rinkgear went off-spec by embroidering the back patch and adding some striping to the collar. Those evil guys. It’s hard to be upset with them for being late when they go the extra mile like this. OR are they always late because they go the extra mile?? Hmmmm

Great work by Rinkgear! The Direwolves jerseys are a modern classic, though I am heavily biased. That lace-up collar is sweet. Thanks to the good folks at Rinkgear who work hard putting these together.

Speaking of Rinkgear, I just got my Browncoats jersey today and I am pleased to report that they are indeed BROWN! They looked reddish in the pictures, our bad. A beautiful work of art – the main crest is amazing.


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  1. mdlittlehale

    A thing of beauty. I would buy one in a heartbeat… hopefully another batch comes along soon

  2. Very nice! Will you be offering the Starks again anytime soon? Keep up the great work!

    • This weekend or Monday Direwolves 4.0 will be available. So busy these days!

      • I hear you man. Busy busy! I am subscribed to any new posts you make now so I won’t miss it. I’m 100% in on this though. Actually I am looking forward to when/if the Zelda jerseys come back also. Keep up the good work. Awesome ideas and great designs!

  3. Hurrah! Anyone know how long it usually takes for these things to reach Australia?

  4. [apologies if this is a double…] any word on how rinkgear is handling orders of two different jerseys? i ordered a browncoat and a direwolves and just kinda assumed i’d have to wait for browncoats to ship when direwolves was ready, but i also thought i’d check to find out for sure? also, do you know if rinkgear can send tracking info once the package does ship?

  5. Geoff Offermann


  6. got our order [direwolves and browncoats] the other day and i have to say: fantastic work, on the part of both dave and rinkgear. if any future buyers are on the fence worrying about quality of work, you should know that you’ll be getting a top-notch product. while i’m sure i’ll find excuses to wear my jersey in the meantime, i am really looking forward to the renewal of the local minor league season in the fall so i can show this badboy off.

    dave – if you’re taking requests for superhero jerseys, i gotta toss out WILD DOG. yeah, he’s extremely niche, but you couldn’t ask for a better fit for your product… also, he’s got a pretty strong cult following on the internet, so i think you could easily hit your 25 if people knew about it in advance.

  7. That black dire wolves jersey is great. How can I order o e for my son?

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