Phantasm Hockey Jersey Design

Batman Phantasm hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

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  1. Please make this if you can!

  2. personally I like the black and grey version more, it hit me as very Batman: the Animated Series-esque. As for the simplicity, I think its the arm prong markings that really sell it, that was a nice touch.

  3. i agree i love your 1st one the top one

  4. I like the black and grey also, but think the full dark back like the top left is the way to go since it looks more like a cape

  5. Totally dig the Blue/Grey set; Excellent work.

  6. You want this jersey to get noticed? Make one up for Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith. (Smith, 37) He loves hockey and Batman.

  7. Rinkgear is selling 3 Batman jerseys. Did you design them?

  8. If you are selling the Batman blue and gray version, drop me a line.

  9. What are the chances of seeing the grey black version for sale? I’d love one of those.

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